April 25, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Receiving Inventory

What is a purchase order?

A purchase order, or PO, is an official document issued by a buyer, where he agrees to pay the seller for the sale of specific products or services to be delivered in the future. For the purposes of Yaca, as your logistics operator, it is a notification that you will send us before we receive your products.

What information goes on a purchase order?

  • Specific brand names, SKUs, or model numbers
  • Purchased quantity
  • Product or service that is purchased
  • Prices per unit
  • Delivery dates
  • Place of delivery
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment terms, such as cash on delivery or in 30 days
  • Among others.

How can I get my merchandise to Yaca?

Many customers choose to bring their inventory to us by their own means, using everything from bicycles to trucks, however, Yaca can also pick up your inventory and bring it to our distribution center. Contact your Fulfillment expert to define the process.

Can I send my products to Yaca at any time?

You must contact us to schedule the receipt of your purchase order. You can send us an email at hola@yacalogistics.com or Whatsapp us at +507 6992-9222.

What happens when my purchase order arrives in Yaca?

Once the inventory arrives at our distribution center, the receiving team accepts, registers and stores the inventory in the appropriate inventory location.

When will my products be available for sale?

Thanks to our robust technological tools and lean receipt processes, Yaca will enter your inventory into our warehouse management system in the shortest time possible. Remember to follow these good practices to avoid delays during entry.

If there’s a problem with a product, is my entire purchase order delayed?

In the event that any of your products has any problem (badly labeled, defective, damaged package, etc.), we will receive the rest of your order so that you can start your sales while we work together to define the next steps.

Do I need barcodes and SKUs to send my products to Yaca?

Every product you send to Yaca must have an assigned SKU. The barcode is ideal but not mandatory, since we can create one for you at an additional cost. If you have questions about how to create your SKUs, you can click here or contact us.

What happens if there are shortages or surpluses during the receipt?

We will inform you through an email if there are differences at the time of receiving the purchase order. In your user portal you will be able to see the details of the quantities and review photos of possible imbalances.

Can I send unfinished products or products that are not ready for sale?

Contact your Yaca fulfillment expert and review the options available for your company. We have value-added services to lighten your operational load.

I want to send my inventory for the whole year to Yaca. Do you recommend it?

Inventory storage costs can add up quickly as a business or the number of SKUs grows. The more storage space required, the higher the price will be. Remember that you need a constant supply of inventory to meet your demand, however if you ship too much inventory you will face high inventory carrying costs. Try to have an inventory that is really ready to sell and have a high turnover rate.

Does a return process work like a purchase order?

Short answer, yes. Another aspect of inbound logistics is reverse logistics, which includes processing customer returns and exchanges when shipments arrive back at the distribution center and need to be examined and replenished from available inventory, if these can be offered for sale again.

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