Unlock fast and cost-effective international shipping with Yaca

Situated at the heart of the Americas, Yaca offers unparalleled access to key markets in North, South, and Central America, ensuring faster deliveries and reduced shipping expenses.

Experience these advantages:

  • Tax and duty exemptions for seamless imports and exports
  • Streamlined customs procedures for faster clearance
  • Exclusive discounts on shipping carrier rates

Our unique blend of tax incentives, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and simplified processes translates to a significant reduction in your overall international fulfillment costs. Choose Yaca for smarter, faster, and more economical global shipping.

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Yaca is the solution we were looking for to scale our brand globally. Their competitive international shipping rates enabled us to tap into international demand cost-effectively."

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Juan Castillero

Psychotropic Apparel - Founder

Ship internationally to 200+ countries with ease using standard and expedited shipping options.

Global map featuring a Yaca Y icon centered in Panama, with shipping routes spreading out to various international destinations, symbolizing Yaca's worldwide logistics network.

Import inventory and export orders without worrying about taxes and duties.

Illustration displaying various shipping methods and processes for importing and re-exporting goods, including air, sea, and ground transportation, highlighting global logistics operations.

Manage your global fulfillment from one login to get logistics transparency in real time.

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Yaca has helped us optimize for time and cost while providing our clients in Panama and internationally with a fast and reliable delivery experience.
Nay Quintero - CEO Sante Cutarras
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Scale your brand across the globe

Whether you're just starting or well into your global expansion, Yaca can help you achieve your international goals with cross-border fulfillment.

Multiple providers

Everything from clearing customs to last-mile delivery, we've got you covered.

Choose from a variety of regional and international carriers services all under Yaca's network of partners to support you global expansion needs.

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Visibility, Reporting & Inventory Management

Your back office for logistics

  • View your orders in real time
  • Review what has been sent and its cost with reports in real time
  • Check your current inventory levels, send us new products or replenish your inventory.
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