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Thanks to Yaca’s freight program, we had no stress supplying our local partner, BebeBums, without any kind of inventory issues. In other markets, we have to use multiple partners to manage the freight, fulfillment, and delivery of our products from our manufacturing facility in Shenzue, China to the customer’s door, but in Panama Yaca manages this entire process which allows us to get our products to market faster and save money doing so.

Jackson Xu

Sales Manager - Eco Boom

Freight Management

We handle everything from factory floor to customer door

Leverage Yaca’s network of global freight partners to get your inventory into our fulfillment centers with ease.

Yaca Freight is an end-to-end freight and inventory distribution program that allows merchants to choose from a variety of preferred freight providers, optimize freight costs, and distribute inventory more strategically. Get products to customers faster, increase revenue, and forecast with greater accuracy.

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We collect your inventory from the factory. Anywhere in the world.

Semi-truck driving on a bridge with a large container ship passing below, illustrating the interconnectedness of road and maritime transport.



We ship your inventory by land, sea, or air to one of our fulfillment centers.

Interior of a fulfillment center showing organized picking racks, pallet racks, and picking carts, highlighting the efficient setup for order processing.


Fulfillment Centers

We securely store your inventory in our Panama Pacifico or Panama City centers.

Woman at a packing station in a fulfillment center, carefully preparing an order for shipment, demonstrating meticulous order handling.



We pick and pack your orders to your brand or retail partner’s requirements.

Person signing on a digital device to confirm receipt of a package from a delivery driver at their doorstep, representing secure delivery confirmation.



We ship your e-commerce and wholesale orders domestically or internationally.

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Gain the flexibility you need to effectively grow your online and offline channels.

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Gain the flexibility you need to effectively grow your online and offline channels.

Simplify your supply chain and stay in stock.

Trust us to manage everything from the factory floor straight to your customer's door, ensuring a smooth and efficient process every step of the way.

Hub to the Americas

Yaca’s Panama Pacifico fulfillment center offers strategic access to key markets in North, South, and Central America. Enjoy benefits such as tax and duty exemptions on imports and exports, streamlined customs procedures, and discounted shipping rates.

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