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We leveraged Yaca’s supplier network to manufacture our eco-friendly mailers. We created the design for the mold and Yaca handled everything with the supplier as well as shipping the mailers from their facility in China to Yaca.”

Logo of Psycho Tropic, a clothing brand, featuring its unique, stylized design that reflects its edgy and vibrant aesthetic.

Juan Castillero

CoFounder Psychotropic Apparel

Woman securing a shipping bag filled with diapers, preparing it for dispatch and ensuring safe delivery.
Branded Packaging

Custom packaging doesn't have to be just for the big players

Upgrade your e-commerce game with custom printed packaging. Studies show that a logo on shipping boxes boosts brand excitement by 61%, making it a cost-effective way to enhance visibility and potentially increase business. Don't believe the myth that custom packaging is only for big players—Yaca’s partnership network makes it accessible and memorable for your brand.

Display of various branded marketing inserts, including thank-you cards and promotional flyers, designed to enhance the customer's unboxing experience.
Marketing Inserts

Elevate your unboxing experience with personalized marketing inserts

Elevate your unboxing experience with personalized marketing inserts—thank you notes, exclusive discounts, and engaging content. Build loyalty and amplify positive word-of-mouth by encouraging social media sharing and showcasing your commitment to sustainability through custom packaging.

Complete diaper kit displayed, including diapers, wipes, and rash cream, organized for convenient use and care.

Customize how your inventory is prepared for customers and expedite fulfillment with ready-to-ship kits.

From constructing a branded box and bundling multiple SKUs in a kit to adding stickers, labels, and barcodes to items, we support a variety of kitting actions.

Assortment of personalized gift notes on elegant stationery, designed to accompany presents and enhance the gifting experience.
Customizable Gift Notes

Enhance your e-commerce unboxing with customizable gift notes!

Add a personal touch with customer messages and branded stationery, reflecting your brand's style. Want to send a gift note from your brand? You can also add custom gift notes for individual customers by editing orders before they are packed.Gift notes print when orders are packed and can display your brand logo on the gift note if desired.

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Boost your brand's presence through Yaca's partnership network to save on packaging, including poly mailers, boxes, and marketing inserts.

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