February 5, 2024

How To Pack My Products Before Sending Them To Yaca?

Packing your shipment correctly is crucial in making sure your inventory reaches us safely and is optimized for entry into our fulfillment centers. After you have defined the products that you will send to Yaca and they are created on our platform, the next step will be to define the quantities that you are going to send of each one and how they will be packaged. Ideally, each SKU will be packaged differently to make the receiving process quick and efficient. In case you need to ship multiple SKUs in one package, please let us know the contents of each box via email or by creating a packing list.

General requirements when sending products to a Yaca fulfillment center.

Certain products have specific requirements, so we may refuse, return or repackage any product delivered to a fulfillment center with inadequate or non-compliant packaging, at your expense. Yaca may add specific requirements to a product due to damage and damage-related returns.

  • Each SKU must be unique and correspond to a unique product. For example, each variation such as size or color must have a different SKU. For more information on SKUs, click here.
  • Each unit must have an exterior scannable label or barcode that is easily accessible.
  • In case your products do not have a barcode, Yaca will assign one to you at the time of the first entry for an additional cost. This code will be linked to your product during its stay in our warehouses.
  • Loose units must be contained in secure packaging, such as a box, bag, non-adhesive tape, or shrink wrap.
  • In case your products require kit services, contact us and we will quote you without obligation.
  • Yaca accepts marketing materials (POP), such as predetermined price tags, brochures, signs, shelves, etc. They must have a SKU to be entered into our system, in the same way as a regular product.
  • When packing your products, keep in mind that they must be protected during transport. For this reason, avoid using plastic bags or flexible materials. Cardboard boxes or reusable plastic boxes will be your best option.

If these requirements are not met, Yaca will ship your items via an alternate route for unplanned services, including: preparation, labeling, kitting, or manual shipment processing, which could delay inventory processing and affect your ability to sell these products quickly and could result in additional charges.

Send your inventory to a Yaca fulfillment center

You did it! You have defined the inventory that you will send us, your products are created on our platform, you have prepared and packed your first shipment – now all you have to do is send us your packages. Many of our customers prefer to bring their inventory to us by their own means, using everything from bicycles to trucks, however, Yaca can also pick up your inventory and bring it to our distribution center.

Regardless of the method you choose, you must contact us to schedule the receipt of your products. You can send us an email to hola@yacalogistics.com or you can contact us through our WhatsApp at +507 6992-9222.