February 5, 2024

What Is An Unboxing Experience?

The unboxing phenomenon is a practice that originated thanks to YouTube. In it, millions of people have posted videos in which they unpack a product.

It is the moment when a customer opens a product for the first time, records, and shares their emotions upon receiving their new order. It is the experience you felt when opening your gift for the first time at Christmas, now turned into a daily trend that gains more prominence each day.

Today, it is a great ally for showcasing your products, building customer loyalty, or enhancing your brand's prestige.

How to build a brand packaging experience?

Packaging has to play a significant role in sales, from grabbing attention and describing the product to closing the deal. Developing good packaging for unboxing is crucial; the first task is to establish a packaging concept for what it should be or do for the product.

Decisions need to be made regarding specific elements such as size, shape, material, color, text, and brand logo. Packaging should always be personalized with the consumers of your brand in mind.

Why is the unboxing experience important?

Unboxing is the customer's first physical experience with the product, so it's essential to be positive and enjoyable. Whether in terms of their senses (touch, smell, and visuals) or in the scenario of its opening, this initial interaction with the product should be pleasant. Online shopping does not allow for the physical interaction of customers with the product, so the first interaction must be one of the most positive.

This pleasant experience aims to: boost customer loyalty, create a great first impression, increase perceived value, tell your brand's story, and drive content marketing.

This means that before making a purchase during prominent commercial moments, such as Black Friday or Christmas, online customers don't hesitate to research through influencers to decide whether to make a purchase.

Ideas for building the best unboxing experience

The most important points for a good unboxing experience are as follows:

  • Brand boxes: It is important for the brand to stand out in the product packaging. It gives it a distinctive mark.
  • Unique packaging material: With the current trend of natural and eco-friendly materials, using high-quality recycled material is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.
  • Product presentation: There are many fillers to choose from, such as plastic bubbles, tissue paper, and even newspapers. The customer should be sure that the merchandise will arrive safely, so choosing plastic bubbles for fragile goods is recommended. Tissue paper is suitable as a decorative material to fill boxes, while newspapers add originality, retro style, and a pleasant color combination to the product.
  • Free samples: Imagine ordering a product, eagerly awaiting it, receiving it wrapped, and discovering an unexpected little gift waiting for you. It adds motivation to reorder another product.
  • Personalized touch: Even if it seems like a small thing, it can help a lot. It could be a handwritten thank-you note, a logo, an e-commerce page, a discount for the next purchase, or a catchy phrase. "Creativity knows no bounds."

Steps to design the perfect unboxing experience for your brand

To have a successful product unboxing, you need to take care of the packaging that contains the package to make a good impression.

  • Packaging: The design of the packaging must be of high quality, original, and innovative. Taking care of the wrapping to the maximum is a significant plus, key to having a satisfied customer. Generating expectations is fundamental to creating a sense of surprise.
  • Customization: Personalizing the package translates to the experience and satisfaction of your consumer. This way, customers who unbox will feel like they are part of the brand, creating a unique experience.
  • Time to unpack products: Comfort should be guaranteed, but so should the creation of anticipation. The customer should be eager to see the interior without hindering the product's extraction. Therefore, packaging should be simple and easy to handle, yet always original for brand recall.
  • Include a free sample or other treats: This is one of the keys to unboxing success. Involving others increases anticipation. You can include a free sample or treats for the recipient to discover with their audience, making them feel highly flattered.
  • Interaction with users: Leaving the brand logo on the box and a note inside creates a small interaction with the user, who will feel flattered and likely to buy again. It also triggers word-of-mouth among their friends, who are potential customers.

How can Yaca help you build the perfect unboxing experience?

Now that you know what unboxing is and how to leverage it to create an experience for your customers, it's crucial to remember the importance of packaging for the success of this phenomenon and to delight your customers. Generating good expectations and experiences can lead to repeat purchases.

Need guidance?

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