February 5, 2024

Get An Inside-The-Box View Of All Your Deliveries Before They Ship With ParcelView

End to End Transparency For Every Order

Ensuring the safe and accurate arrival of items ordered via an online store is one of the basic benchmarks consumers ask eCommerce sellers to pass. But a lot can happen between a warehouse and the customer’s front door. ParcelView acts as the ultimate source of truth for both the customer and brand.

ParcelView is a feature that allows Yaca to take a snapshot of the interior of a package before its shipped. This image is stored with the shipping record and is available to all of Yaca’s partners in the Customer Portal. Having photographic evidence of how packages are shipped increases picker and packer accountability and can provide support if a customer complains of receiving a broken item.

With ParcelView, customers can verify the correct color, size and type of product that was sent to them. If a customer ordered a red swimsuit and was sent a blue one, ParcelView provides the proof. Alternatively, if a customer claims they ordered two pairs of shoes and was only sent one, Yaca can verify this information by reviewing the ParcelView image of the order.

For the first time, retailers will have the ability to see exactly what is put inside their package. This puts the retailer and fulfillment center on a level-playing field, something no other fulfillment company provides.

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