February 6, 2024

Revolutionizing E-commerce Logistics in Panama: The Psycho Tropic and Yaca Success Story [Case Study]


Hello everyone, I'm Juanmi, co-founder of Psycho Tropic, a clothing brand based in Panama. Today, I want to share our story about how we solved one of the biggest challenges in our e-commerce business: product delivery. But before diving into the details, let me tell you a bit about how we started.

Aurelio (Pape) and I launched Psycho Tropic in 2018 with the intention of expressing ourselves creatively, overcoming our fears, and creating something amazing. From designing our products to producing T-shirts, we faced various challenges, but today we'll focus on the crucial aspect of delivery logistics.

The Early Challenges

After designing our T-shirts and producing them with the help of a friend, we realized that delivery was a hurdle. During the first year, we handled deliveries ourselves, trying to coordinate them efficiently. As we grew, we faced the reality that we couldn't continue delivering personally: we were spending too much on gasoline, the process was slow, and frankly, we weren't as happy as we should be.

Outsourcing and the ASAP Era

We decided to outsource our deliveries using ASAP until 2022. Although this simplified logistics, we still faced challenges, such as grouping shipments and pickups every Friday, turning our Fridays into a mix of stress, adrenaline, and fear.

The Turning Point: Yaca

In mid-2022, we met Yaca and its founder, JB Patty. Yaca presented itself as the solution we were looking for:

  1. Product storage.
  2. Integration with our e-commerce.
  3. Careful packaging.
  4. Coordination with the last mile providers for delivery.

This change not only provided us with a short-term solution, but also a vision of scalability globally, a crucial step for our expansion plan.

The Yaca Effect: A Customer Success Story

Before working with Yaca, our deliveries were a logistical nightmare, but the change was noticeable from the first month:

Results After Yaca:

  • 177% increase in total sales YOY.
  • 163% increase in total orders YOY.
  • Shipments to 3 countries.

Results before Yaca

Results with Yaca (Month 1):

Results with Yaca (Month 2):

Transformation and Growth

With Yaca, we could focus on content creation and sales, leading to significant growth. In December, we achieved results never seen before.

A Year of Transformation

The last quarter of 2022 was a catalyst for our decisions in 2023. Thanks to Yaca's flexibility, we could try different logistics methods, including pre-sales that turned out to be challenging but manageable.

This year, we decided to fully dedicate ourselves to Psycho Tropic, raising a $25,000 investment. Aurelio quit providing services to other brands, and we embarked on our best year yet.

Building a Partnership Beyond Logistics

At Yaca, we found not only a logistic ally but also a friendship. Conversations with JB about our dream of revolutionizing e-commerce in Latin America every time we visit Yaca have become a tradition.


Our partnership with Yaca has been a key factor in our transformation. From streamlining our logistics to enabling us to focus on business growth, Yaca has been more than a logistics partner; it has been a dream enabler. If you're looking for a reliable logistics ally, I recommend talking to Yaca. Until the next delivery!

What’s next for Psycho Tropic?

With peak and summer seasonality coming up, we’re ready for an influx of orders. This peak season and summer, we are launching new exciting new product releases.

We’ve grown 163% over the last 10-months and we aim to continue to grow as fast as we have in the past.

We’re excited to take the US market by storm and then others as well. Our objective is to empower our customers to live life to the fullest, providing them with the best products, rooted in our passion and dedication for Latin American culture.

Get started with Yaca

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Note: All images are screenshots provided by Psycho Tropic.